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Kevin & Sara Miller February 27, 2024
"My husband had a severe crash outside of Harlowton in his work vehicle traveling from Billings to Great Falls. He ended up life-flighted to Billings Clinic with a broken back. Despite an extremely stressful time, Kim and the team at Judith Gap Oil made it a pleasure dealing with all the logistics of getting his totaled work van back to Billings. With some wait time to transport (due to his employer, not JGO), Kim even offered to gather his personal belongings from the van and bring them with her family to Billings on their next family outing - talk about ABOVE AND BEYOND. What amazing customer service. I only WISH they were in Billings to know that if our family members ever again need a tow or service, we'd be instantly using this company. Can't thank you enough for helping us with kindness, compassion and a level of professionalism that all companies could take a lesson from. May God bless you richly!"
Cheyenne Anderson February 27, 2024
"Kim & her family came to Lewistown and helped us with our two vehicles after someone slashed our tires. They were very friendly & were able to tow one of our vehicles & get a spare on the other. They even let our son help out pulling the lever to tow my car up on their roll out. Thank you so much for helping us out."
Korissa Harmon May 26, 2023
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"The man who helped my grandparents with a flat tire drove all the way out to Lewistown TWICE. He also barely even charged them to replace their tire. So, so, so AMAZING! Thank you so much."
Erika Lincoln May 26, 2023
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"I can't thank Judith Gap Oil enough! They rescued me and my kids while we were out hunting in the middle of nowhere when we had a flat. Due to a shop over tightening our lug nuts with an impact we were unable to break them loose and the closest tow couldn't get to us for a day! We called them up, they were super friendly and drove over 40 miles to come help us, immediately ! And they did it with a smile. Great company! I would highly recommend using them to anyone!"
Scott Bullard August 29, 2022
"Very nice staff. I walked in with a flat tire five mins after they closed and they where great enough to reopen the store just to fix my flat. Thanks a lot guys! If I have another flat tire around the area i sure hope its close by Judith Gap cause you all helped me out immensely. And the rates can't be beat! Highly recommended!!"